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 Character Profiles

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PostSubject: Character Profiles   Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:23 pm

Character Profiles

The Character profiles are following this form:



Appearance: [2 paragraphs]

Personality: [2 paragraphs]

Blood Type:

Body Type:


Fighting aggression:


Specialisation: (Hakuda, Zanjutsu, Kidou...)


(you may also add stuff.)

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:33 pm

Name: Huong Lian Feng

Age: 367


Huong is a young woman with the height of 1,69 cm. She has raven black hair which has a lovely blue shimmer when she walks in sunlight.
Her eyes are deep red, and her eyelids are decorated with rather goth-ish
tattoos under her eyes which go down to her cheeks. Her skin is pale, and this
makes her eyes shine even more, giving her an almost demonic look on
her face. She wears a normal Shihakuso, means, a usual Kimono, a Hakama.
Only her Obi is different from the usual model - it is deep red, in tiny strings bound around her waist and decorated with a small ribbon.

Huong uses a small makeup, only pink lips and more or less traditional chinese
pigments to color her eyelids for certain occassions. Her Haori is a usual one,
white, with long sleeves. She has the logo of the division sewed on the back of her Haori, and the flower sympol sewed into the inside of her sleeve. She wears her captain clothes with huge pride.Due to her small height, she needed to let it be shortened by a tailor. To gain more height, she wears a high heels.

Her body built is rather curvy, though not visible at the first few since her clothes are long and cover most of the parts. She has a scar on her side, and a dragon tattoo on her whole back. The tattoo is a chinese dragon which curls up and ends over shoulder.


Huong is a strict but honest person. She believes that discipline and work are
the only things which makes a person successful in life, and therefore, she
values discipline, tidyness, work, effort. Lazy or people you cant rely on are
unworthy to be a Shinigami to her - because talent doesnt make a master.
Huong is easy to get along, a little shy towards men. Her voice is said
to be angelic in good mood, while she sounds like a demonic evil cat when she
is angry.

Due to her belief that honesty and discipline lead to success, she is very pedantic about her outer appearance as well as about her training plan. This
training plan is strict and very high leveled and she follows her own training
plan strictly to perfect her abilities. Huong is very reliable and obedient to the
Captain Commander. Betrayal and other dishonest actions are not tolerated.

Huong is a very patient person, especially with her subordinates. Her division
members can always count on her if theyre in trouble, as well as they can come
to her at all times to talk to her about personal matters. Huong is a great listener and gives advices very well due to her life experiences. She tends to be silent though, and thinks twice before she speaks. Though she tries to keep the division members close, she has clear rules. If these rules are not followed,
it will rain cats and dogs upon those who dared to disobey her!

Huong has, due to her chinese roots, a rather strange view in terms of
food. She doesnt see the reason why someone couldnt eat cats or dogs,
but due to the japanese influence of the Gotei 13, she accepts her fate.
She is very talented in singing and in doing arts (ukiyoe) and writing (calligraphy). She is also very talented in cooking. Though, she has problems
with calculating, therefore, she lets her VC do all the mathematical stuff...

Huong is also known for her loves towards animals. Huong loves pets,
especially birds. She keeps a pair of chinese birds in her office and sings
along with them while working.

Blood Type: 0

Body Type: usual, voluptous, strong legs, rather weak arms.

Resolve: perfect her own abilities, training, fighting, protecting her
division members.

Fighting Aggression: calm, toying, defensive.

Fears: Loneliness

Specialisation: (Hakuda, Zanjutsu, Kidou...):

Master of Zanjutsu
Master of Speed
Adept in Kidou
Sucks at Hakuda

Reached ShiKai and BanKai


Huong was adopted into a rich, but not noble family. The Feng family was a
chinese influenced family which was located in a good area of Rukongai. She
was adopted as a two-year-old and couldnt remember her name. Her mother,
Linh Sung Feng, gave her the name Huong since the small girl seemed to look
similar to Linhs younger sister which died from a heart disease as a child.

Huong grew up as a happy child. She got everything she wanted, but had
to pay a high price: She had to be obedient and silent everytime. And since
her parents and siblings were rich and wealthy, they often had contacts
into Soul Society. Huong was taught to be a silent young lady with excellent
manners and worked hard on her behavior. She was grateful for every second
she could spend with her mother.

Huong went to the Shinigami academy and graduated with flying colors. Though
she was not talented in Hakuda, she was the best in houhou and Zanjutsu in her whole year. Huong studied a lot, and putted a lot of effort and work into her
gruaduation to make her parents proud. In these years, she learned that
only discipline and effort makes a person successful. Once, the academy was
visited by the captain commander of the Gotei. Huong was amazed by his
strength and secure speaking. She was sure - once, she will be a captain.

After her graduation, she left her family and moved into the Gotei. Huongs
talent and her discipline made her a well-known member of the 7th division.
She worked hard for her current position, and entered the captain ranks easily.

Though Huong seems to have a happy past, there is always a dark shadow
over her whole past: Huong was always alone. Only her mother gave some love and held her when she was sad. Huong never had many friends because she
spent her time at home studying. That is why Huong tries hard to keep her
division members close to her - she hates loneliness.

Fun Facts: Huong hates pink. Everything pink will be immediately obliterated.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:34 pm

Asano Aviarus Shywing
[Alias: Karasumaru]


Asano has shoulder-length black hair that usually falls on his face and covers his right eye in making him somewhat resemble Izuru Kira. His eyes are both a deep violet color. He is also very skinny and fragile looking, making him look as if he had never eaten a day in his life. His skin is very pale in color, except for the extremely dark circles around his eyes, due to him almost never sleeping. Asano wears an attire radically different than the typical shinigami attire. A more tightly fitting white jacket, and tightly fitting black pants. His jacket features two moderately thick violet stripes running down each of his sleeves, and at each of his side, starting from the shoulder and ending at the edges of his jacket.

Calm, and analytical. Though he tends to get emotional at times.
He also tends to avoid being around others, this also extends to him dislike any form of physical contact or closeness.

Blood Type:

Body Type:


Fighting Agression:


Kidou / Reiatsu control Master
Shunpo Master
Zanjutsu Adept
Terrible Strength
Terrible Hakuda
Control over both Shikai and Bankai

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:52 am

Profile Denied.

2 paragraphs (= at least 10 sentences) for personality
History is missing
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:13 am

Oh god...I have neither the time nor energy to write out two paragraphs for something there isn't much to, and I left the history out for very specific reasons... Oh well, I'll try again later
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:43 am

well, then simply say it... you know where and how to contact me.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles   

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Character Profiles
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