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 「一」Zanpakutō Profiles

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PostSubject: 「一」Zanpakutō Profiles   Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:18 am

「一」 Zanpakutō Profiles 「一」

This is the place for all approved Zanpakutō profiles, spirits, and their inner world. You can list a full Zanpakutō profile bankai and shikai but what you can use in RP is listed here. You need a profile here to start shikai and bankai training. My Vice captain or myself will move approved zannys to this thread. Our workshop and zanny format will be found here

Truth and Innocence
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PostSubject: Re: 「一」Zanpakutō Profiles   Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:33 am

「一」 Momo Hitsugaya 「一」
General Zanpakutou Information:

Zanpakutou's Name: Korudo Hinote: Cold fire
Sealed Appearance: A standard length odachi with purple wrapping. The tsuba is a flame shape but the edges are geometrically specialties so that it looks like the edges of ice crystals.

Zanpakutou's Spirit
Spirit's Appearance: Korudo hinote is a tall female who is very lithe. Her hair is blue and red with some purple where they over lap. One eye is blue while the other is red. This entire red and blue motif is seen throughout her appearance with the blue being on the left hand side of the body and red on the right hand side. She wears cut off shorts and a button up shirt that barely snaps over the blue and red bikini top.

Spirit's Personality: She suffers from dissociative personality disorder. There are three different and unique people comprising Korudo Hinote. The normal spirit is very wise and sage like, she is also the primary personality. Slow to speak, quick to assist, and always supportive. The Blue Spirit is silent and cannot speak. This one is cold and meticulous in her deadly assaults on anyone inferior to her-- which means everyone-- that tries to take control. The Red Spirit is the party person. She always wants to party and have a good time. When angered though she will destroy everything no matter what it is. She can change between the three personalities at random or under her user's command if their connection is strong enough.

Spirit Inner World


General Information:
Zanpakutou's Release Command: Freeze the flames, Cold fire!
Zanpakutou's Released Appearance: The blade freezes over into a crystal. The crystal have five branches and at the end of these branches are purple flames.
Additional Details:

Zanpaktou's Element: Ice/fire

Innate Ability: Solid Ice: The blade will remain freezing for the remainder of shikai. If damaged it will reform from the moisture in the air.
Passive Ability: Icy Flames: The flames on the end of the branches can catch flammable materials on fire; however, it will not burn the lit area but freeze it instead.

Active Abilities:

  • #1: Fireball: Upon naming the technique, one of the flames will be launched at the target and upon impact will freeze everything. If it is flammable it will catch fire and freeze as the fire progresses.
  • Notes: This isn't a fast technique. It has to concentrate the flame before it will fire. Also only five fireballs can be active at one time. After each fireball explodes there is a two second wait time before the fire will reignite.

  • #2: Fire Vortex: Upon naming the technique, three flames will swirl around the blade creating a whirlpool of Icy Flames that spreads out in a shot gun effect. It covers a wider area than fireball but is does less damage.
  • Notes: No where near as damaging as the first ability but has a maximum width of ten feet and half mile range. It takes 15 seconds before all three flames reignite at the same time.

  • #3:Purgatory: Upon naming the technique, all five flames cover the blade. The flames can be held there or released in a wave form that violently explodes upon contact freezing an immediate two foot vicinity and partially freezing three feet beyond that.
    Notes: It takes 20 seconds before all five flames reignite at the same time. This is the heaviest draining of the shikai abilities if used in wave form. If kept on the blade it uses much less reiatsu.

General Information:
Zanpaktou's True Name: Tsumetai hi no yama : Mountain of Cold Fire
Zanpaktou's Final Released Appearance: Upon release the zanpakutou turns into a monk's spade. The spade is wide and fan like with the purple flames from shikai surrounding it, the crescent is wide with an icicle creating a third prong, and in so doing, makes it a trident.

Passive Ability: Reversed elements. The Flames-- a gaseous plasma that oxidizes at extremely low temperatures ( -50 F)-- will cause freezing damage while the ice-- a different plasma with an extremely low melting point (-50 F)-- that is will give burning damage. The ice will remain frozen due to user reiatsu until it is separated from the blade.

Passive Ability #2: Cold Fire wings. Grants the user fire to gain flight. If damaged they can regenerate over time. Anything they will touch will burn but freeze as the fire progresses.

Active Abilities:

  • #1: Icy Aurora: Upon naming a wave of flames that appear like a concentrated aurora appears on the spade. When swung it moves in wave like motions giving wider coverage. Once it comes in contact with a strong reiatsu it expends the gas causing all but the hottest material to freeze.
    Notes: Each wave takes two seconds to charge and will take 5 seconds to return to ready after each wave is expended. Each wave is only a few inches thick but nearly five feet wide.

  • #2: Burning Icicle: The purple ice prong of the crescent releases and follows a straight trajectory. As it moves it melts until the plasma creates a searing mass that will cling to what it touches charring it black.
    Notes: It has a short range, less than 100 feet, due to the icicle evaporating as quickly as it does. After each icicle is launched it takes 30 seconds for the ice to reform.

  • #3: Flames of the Frozen Mountain: Upon naming the icicle becomes a giant Guan Dao, which when struck against target, will catch nearly their entire body aflame. A quick second strike with the charged energy from the spade will surround the searing plasma and seal the target and plasma inside a giant mountain of ice letting their bodies fry inside the mass of plasma.
    Weakness: It can only be used twice if the first one misses.

  • #4:melted avalanche: Upon naming the icicle forms a giant ice wall that can block mid level attacks. A quick second strike with the charged energy from the spade will cause the ice wall to melt that will cause a water attack. The power would be equal to an ability, bankai 2 attack.
    Weakness:The attack can be weaker if the ice wall ends up blocking attacks, it is also a slow technique since it takes time to make the wall to raise, then strike it with a fire attack to make it melt into water.

  • #5:Ice Fireball: Upon naming the attack, an ice ball forms from the icicle. The user then launches the iceball to the opponent using the spade. Upon contact the ice will explode to cause fire damage to what it strikes. The power would be sightly less to an ability, bankai 2 attack, but greater then a level 1. This attack is the fastest ability to execute compared to the rest of shikai and bankai abilities since most take time to charge.
    Weakness: The iceball is not big, a fast opponent might be able to avoid it if they are far enough with a max speed rating.
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「一」Zanpakutō Profiles
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