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 Defend Soul Society! The Demon Invasion!

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PostSubject: Defend Soul Society! The Demon Invasion!   Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:03 am

The Demon Invasion

In the tranquility of the night, a patrol of shinigami walks aimlessly, watching for anything suspicious, although they never expected anything to happen. Who would be fool enough to attack the Soul Society? As they marched, one of them heard a strange sound. Signaling the others, they quietly turned the corner, entering a dark, dead end alley in the roads of the Sereitei. Creeping forwards, the shinigami were soon blown away by the opening of... A portal. This swirling, blood red portal had opened without warning, and had no visibility of the other side. Strange, demonic looking creatures began rushing out of the portal, streaming over the shinigami and killing them in seconds.