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 Bleach:Soul Fighters *Request affliate*

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PostSubject: Bleach:Soul Fighters *Request affliate*   Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:16 pm


During the last battle which was between Ichigo Kurosaki and Aizen Sosuke. Both fought well and soon ended with Ichigo as the winner. Ichigo was no longer a shinigami as he used the Saigo no Getsuga Tenshou. He was invited to join the Xcution which was a group of Fullbringers. After 300 years, Ichigo died and Aizen was still sealed in the Soul Society. The Espada was not to be heard and the Soul Society was in peace. The Vizards on the other hand , mastered their hollow powers and the numbers of vizards soon was increasing. The Vizard decided to make an organization which was named "Akatsuki". Quincy are still alive in the human world while Bounts were roaming around the world feeding on living souls to live. All was peace until one day , a shinigami left the Soul Society. Soon , he remembered about the Espada. He went to the place which was filled with Vasto Lorde and Adjuchas class Hollows. It was located in The White Sand Desert which was also known as Hueco Mundo. He was later eaten by a hollow and became one. He worked and trained very hard to achieve his goal which was to revive the Espada. Years later, he was at Adjuchas class. He trained as hard as he can to become Vasto Lorde but failed as it is not enough. He decided to go to the place which was filled with Vasto Lorde. He went there and fought all the Vasto Lorde. He survived in the battle but he was severely injured.Then , he was a Vasto Lorde. He soon ripped his mask off and leaving bits of the pieces to disappear into thin air leaving only a part of it. He re-created the Espada and everything was at chaos. He recruited other Vasto Lorde Arrancar and offered them to join the Espada. The Gotei 13 and the Akatsuki heard about it and announced that Espada was revived. Everyone was shocked and the shinigami and vizards are ready to fight the Espada one more time.

The fate of the worlds are in your hands



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Bleach:Soul Fighters *Request affliate*
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