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 Keitaro Zaminosai

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PostSubject: Keitaro Zaminosai   Fri Jul 22, 2011 5:45 am


"Our aim is not to defeat our enemies, but to violently kill them."


Name: Keitaro Zaminosai
Gender: Male
Age: Appears to be in his twenties. Is actually only 75 years old.

Keitaro dons the right side of his snow white kimono only in battle.



Personality: Keitaro has a... unique personality. To most who would pass by him, he seems like a very friendly person at first glance, but at heart he is much more than that. Keitaro has the tendency to lose himself in a battle, this only taking place when his enemy is at his own strength or above. Having lost all sense of reality, he becomes a different person. A wild, blood thirsty animal, capable of much more mass destruction than his sane counter part. Due to Keitaro's other side being so unlike him, he has named it "Burraku", meaning "black" in japanese. This name was conjured when he realized that his reiatsu turns completely black when in this stage.

His hobbies include board games, sleeping, relaxing, and basically being lazy. However, do not let this mislead you. Given any chance whatsoever, he will enter a fight, even upon a simple threat. The man enjoys fighting more than anything and has a joyous time doing so. He is friendly to his subordinates, although most of them are scared due to the fact that most of them have seen him fight.

To finish off, Keitaro is QUITE the ladies man. He will hit on almost any woman he sees, but he rarely means it.




~~Time in the World of the Living~~

Keitaro was born among a very lively city, residing with two very loving parents. They raised and nurtured him throughout his years, but unfortunately, both died of a car accident when he was only 15. Searching for some way to sustain himself, he came across a mysterious looking warehouse. Unable to fight his own curiosity, he entered. What he came upon was cruel, and it sickened him, but it also gave him a terrible idea. Inside the warehouse, a group of extremely greedy men would host to-the-death gladiator battles in a dirt pit, forcing others to pay to watch. The winner received bed, food, and water, all of these given in such small amounts that they barely sustained life. Scared, he approached one of the men who were gathering the entrance money. Stuttering in fear, he asked if he could become one of the fighters.

"A volunteer? My god. Sure kid, I'll take you downstairs."

The man replied, shocked that someone would actually want to join in the fights. Becoming a gladiator, he became one of the best fighters there ever was, slowly turning into the kind of man who enjoyed this sort of thing. Keitaro remained in the arena for as long as he could, fighting all the way into his twenties. Through his battling career, he came upon an older man, maybe around his 40's. This man took him in, in a way becoming Keitaro's surrogate father. He taught Keitaro many things, and, over time, became his best friend. Unfortunately, Keitaro became too powerful. As the other fighters became jealous and afraid, they decided upon slitting his throat in his sleep. Sneaking up on him as he laid in the mat, it was over in seconds.

~~Shinigami Life~~

Entering the Rukongai was one of the most mind shattering things Keitaro had ever done. He had always thought the after life would be... different. Now that he was in it, it scared him. Hiding, he kept to himself for many years, planning to stay away from the others who had accepted their fate. Eventually, he began to turn insane, speaking to himself in confusing ways. A few more years would pass, causing a strange transformation to overcome him. Keitaro, somehow, regained his sanity in full, soon after leaving the house. Striding down the streets, he would greet others with a friendly wave or a shake of the hand, seemingly born anew.

Creating a name for himself, Keitaro was also known to be very strong. No one would try to steal from him, else face his mighty wrath. This information reached soul society, perking the interest of many. Finally, they decided to send a shinigami to test the man's abilities. Breaking into his house, the shinigami's intention was to battle Keitaro until he fainted. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Keitaro, after having an extremely one sided battle, crushed the man's skull. He was a 5th seat. Realizing his strength, they soon sent over someone to persuade him to join the ranks of the shinigami, knowing all too well a prodigy when they saw one. He swiftly accepted, although never revealed his reasons. Rising through the ranks at an alarming rate, he passed the academy in record time. Due to the recent death of another captain, he applied for the job, soon after gaining his rank as Captain of the 3rd Division.

Opposite to what most people think, Keitaro is extremely fast, despite the nature of his zanpakutou. He is considered one of the fastest shinigami of the generation.


Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Senshi (the fighter)
Appearance: Senshi is a very close match to the old man that Keitaro befriended long ago. He is wise, and durable, but will not go easy on his partner at any cost. Senshi has the personality of a trainer, and he shows it.
Inner World: An endless maze of underground tunnels. (The place where Keitaro resided outside of his fights.)

Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : A massive sword. incredibly, it is weilded by Keitaro one handed.

Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities: Keitaro is able to launch a verticle wave of pure stone at his opponent by simply swinging his zanpakutou into the ground. This wave is extremely tall, and cannot be avoided easily by jumping upwards. The downside being that it is also incredibly easy to dive to the side and avoid it, as it is only 8 feet in width.

Release: Break free

Shikai Description: At the moment his zanpakutou is released, his spirit will appear directly above him for just a moment, breaking free of two chains strapped to his wrist. His spirit disappearing in a flash, the remaining pieces of the two chains will come together in front of Keitaro, reforming themselves into his blade. His zanpakutou will grow increasingly smaller as it goes along, compacting the destructive power into a smaller weapon.

Shikai Abilities: ~First Passive: Keitaro's skin becomes reinforced with a unique mixture of minerals, the very same mixture being extremely tough. It acts a sort of Hierro, or armor, although it weighs him down with almost zero weight and is completely hidden underneath his skin.

~Second Passive: Due to the nature of the sword's creation, it also has a small chain attached to the hilt. This chain will extend and retract on command, creating a highly versatile weapon.

~First Active:[Rensa no mori] (Chain forest) Aiming the bottom of his hilt towards the ground, Keitaro fires the chain into the floor, allowing it to tunnel it's way underground. Underground, it breaks off into several different chains, counting up to a total of 45. Arcing, their aim turns to his enemy, or enemies. Each chain will burst out if the ground around his enemy, creating a forest of metal around this person, but also being able to slam against him as they rise. The forest is extremely dense, reducing the mobility of his opponent as the chains are very strong (but not invincible). If there happens to be no ceiling, they will merely stop rising a bit shy of 200 yards. This technique does not require Keitaro to stay in one place, however, as he is able to break off the connection to his sword at any time, the ability still carrying on at full effect.

~Second Active:[Rensa no shinrin de arashi] (Chain forest storm) This ability almost always follows directly after the first, as it is a combo attack. Each chain is riddled with small bits of reiatsu, but no ordinary bits. These particles allow for Keitaro to detonate each and every chain at will. The individual chains do not retain much strength in their explosion, but all together they make quite the boom.

~Third Active:[Daichi kyanon] (Earth Cannon) Using reiatsu, Keitaro has the ability to harden the air particles around him, essentially creating dirt out of air. Gathering this "dirt" together into a ball, he may throw it with enormous strength, the small dirt ball crumbles on impact, sending tiny pieces of reiatsu hardened shrapnel everywhere. The downside to this ability is a minor one, but a downside all the same, as it requires a little bit more reiatsu than his others.

Bankai Description: note: If Keitaro must go into Bankai, he will most likely become Burraku

Bankai Name: Ōkina butai no senshi (The great arena fighter)
Bankai Appearance: Keitaro dual wield's two of these swords, as he is an expert swordsman. Having grown even smaller, the same is true. The destructive power is the same, but the weapons are lighter.

Bankai Abilities: ~First Passive: Upon releasing his Bankai, a large dome will swiftly build up around the two fighters, sealing away the battlefield. It's diameter being around 100 yards, there is more than enough room to maneuver.

~Second Passive: As if the two enemies were fighting in a gladiators pit, hundreds of human torsos will appear, growing out from the inside wall of the dome and completely covering it. If any person inside the dome goes near them, they will try to grab you, and subsequently rip you apart. The only downfall being that they are extremely slow.

~Third Passive:Without gaining a massive amount of additional weight, the armor around Keitaro is doubled, his skin now clearly showing what lies beneath it. The shinigami will almost look as if he has achieved a very dark tan. He is still able to sprint and flash step at a moderate speed, but definitely not his full speed.

~First Active:[Chikyū no ransu] (Earth lance) Pointing one of his swords at any location he choose, a small cylinder (made of earth) the size of his own blade shoots out at a formidable speed, aiming to pierce Keitaro's opponent through and through. This ability is much like Byakurai

~Second Active:[Sankakkei no ana] (Triangle pit) This ability does, unfortunately, take some preparation. Stabbing the floor with both of his zanpakutou's, he must form a triangle in between himself and the swords, leading his enemy into the center of it. Once ready, Keitaro calls out the name of the ability, slapping both palms together. At the very moment that this is executed, multiple chains will appear inside of the triangle, attempting to pull his opponent into the floor, which has now turned into quick sand. If fully engulfed by the quick sand, there is almost no escaping it.

~Third Active:[Shōkan senshi] (Summon Senshi) For only a few moments (3 posts) Keitaro may call upon his zanpakutou spirit itself to appear, aiding him in the fight in any way possible. He is armed with an extremely large sword.

~Fourth Active:[Shinin no yōna hōkai] (Deathly collapse) Using the magnetic pull of large objects, and strengthening it with reiatsu, Keitaro is able to collapse the dome around him, sending each and every piece of rubble to any location he chooses (inside of the dome.) Burrying himself underground, he is unaffected by this attack, but it also uses a massive amount of energy and reiatsu, making it a one shot thing almost all of the time.


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Keitaro Zaminosai
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