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 Tsunayoshi Sawada

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PostSubject: Tsunayoshi Sawada    Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:02 am


Name:Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada (沢田 綱吉, Sawada Tsunayoshi)
Visual Age:24
Personality:Tsuna is quiet, reserved, and generally goes with the flow. He can be a pretty
chill guy and quite easy to get along with, once you look past the whole
'man of a few words' thing. He reaches out to others and gains their
trust. He forms bonds with others and helps them out, pretty much only
when he's asked to, sometimes even at the cost of himself. Tsuna is all
right with the fact he's either used as an emotional crutch or even a
sacrifice. He knows when to give people space when confronted with their
own problems.
Through all the different kinds of people he meets and
interacts with, Tsuna adopts the role of the best friend, son, rival,
team member, and so on - but when it comes down to it, he's not any of
those. Like his power, Tsuna is everything and nothing at the same

However, despite all the bonds and close friendships he's
made,Tsuna is still a loner. He's content on leading his missions in
life alone and seems to be fine with this. Any burden, problem, or
internal conflict he's got, Tsuna bears silently. He opens himself in
order to let others approach, but he never really lets anyone in. Even
in the end, only a very small handful of people somewhat understand him.

Rank:Vice Captain


Tsuna is 157 centimetres tall and weighs 48 kilograms. He has brown spiky hair which had brought through generations to generations but the weird thing is when it is sunny , his hair color is light brown while on rainy days , his hair is dark brown.He has orange eyes which he gets from his ancestor .He is also somewhat muscular which is the result from his training. He wears a standard sleeveless black Shihakusho. It used to have sleeves but Tsuna ripped it as he felt it was uncomfortable. He also wears a pair of gloves which is made from fire proof material which he made himself when he was adventuring.A pair of black tabi and off course , the lieutenant badge on his right arm which was given by the captain. There is a red sash on his waist to hold his zanpaktou. The gloves are to protect his hands from getting burned when battling with Shinigamis who uses fire type Zanpaktou. When he goes to the human world, he wears a long sleeved collared shirt with a vest , a necktie which is the color which resembles his fiery spirit. Black colored jeans and a pair of black shoes. His gloves still remain though.



General Weapon:
Sealed State:

Zanpakuto Spirits:

Shikai Name and Abilities:Raitoningu-shin (ライトニング神,Lightning God)


Release Incantation:Electrocute,Raitoningu-shin!

Passive Ability(s):Manipulate Lightning~Discharge Lightning

Abilities: Lightning Current~By fusing Lightning with the Zanpakuto , the user stabs the ground and currents of lightning will flow towards its target.
Super Beast Imitation~It can create anything the user wants to. For example , an animal. it has multiple uses such as battling and finding information.
Lightning Armor~The user rotates the Zanpakuto in his hands. The intense electric field protects him by electrocuting anyone who makes contact with it.

Bankai Name and Abilities:Raitoningu to sandā-shin (ライトニングとサンダー神 , Lightning and Thunder God)

Passive Abilities:Manipulate Thunder and Lightning~Discharge Lightning

Abilities:Lightning Dragon~By fusing lightning with the Zanpakuto, the user is able to create dragons made from lightning.
Lightning Sharp Spear~It is the stronger version of Lightning Cutter. It has more destructive power and has a longer range.
Kirin~It is a ability which the user uses when the user discharge very high amount of electricity from the zanpakuto. It reaches the ground in 1/1000th of a second. The user is able to use it once in a battle as it is only a one-shot move.
Lightning and Thunder Armor~The stronger version of Lightning Armor.The user can electrically stimulate their nervous system and speed up their neural synapses to react faster to danger and push their physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing them to gain tremendous raw speed and monstrous power.
Black Lightning~The user is able to discharge black lighting which is a stronger version of a normal one. The user is able to create any kind of animal with this ability.

Combat Prowess:

~Skills - Please wait until after being reviewed and accepted to fill this in~

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Tsunayoshi Sawada
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