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 11th Division Castle of Doom

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PostSubject: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:36 pm

This castle is where all the 11th divsion member will reside nestled deep inside the forest of death

Any visitors or members returning home will often have to fight their way here past the inhabitants of the forest this is to keep our skills strong
Also to ensure only the strong will make it here the weak shall perish in the attempt!

This is the entrance hall to the castle from here it branches into hallways
Some leading upwards to the bedrooms for division members
Others down towards the dungeon
More straight towards the back of the castle the lounge area and the kitchen

The castle lounge lies towards the back of the castle and is lit up better
It is comfier than the castle exterior for any visitors that may drop by to put them at ease

Akuma himself personally killed every creature and purified every inch of the back of the castle
Leaving the place as beatiful as it was before the forest spread even here
This small section is sorrounded farther back by the forest of death which constantly seeks to reclaim it
It is slightly dangerous as the more courages inhabitants of the forest of death sometimes pay a visit
it has a small pond in the middle and plenty of area to roam around as long as you don't stray to far

The castle kitchen contains the best appliances we could steal
Using the best lighting we could ahem borrow to ensure the quality of our food

This is akumas personal room which also functions as his office where he has meettings of importance

These are the bedrooms for the members of the 11th division
although they look mostly the same they can be cunztmized to fit each members tase

this rooms are for the use by visitors who spend the night in our castle
they are nothing more than a room as a guest can choose how they cuztomize it for the night or length of their stay

Also in the back located in a secret part of the garden is a small summer home exclusevily for the Division mascot

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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:51 pm

*Keiko looked around and tried to remember the way she had entered this forest. Something about it scared her, and she kept seeing a pair of glowing eyes in the distance. She heard the sound of twigs breaking not far behind her. Before she could stop herself she tore through the forest, until she saw a clearing and a huge castle-like building. Relieved, she went and knocked on the door a couple of times. She heard footsteps come from within and not too long after the door swund open. a man stood at the door and she asked him what this place was.*
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:04 pm

*Akuma had been wandering around his HQ bored till he heard a knock on the door wondering who could possibly make it through the forest he opens the door to find a female shinigami standng there looking frightened who proceeds to ask him what the castle is*

Hello miss this place would be my HQ

*Bowing to the young shinigami he introduces himself*

I am the 11th Division Captain Akuma who would you be?
Ah excuse me miss would you like to come in?
This forest is quite dangerous sometimes it's much safer within the castle the former inhabitants of this place won't be coming bacl to claim it ever
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:17 pm

*Keiko listened to Akuma explain and introduce himself and bowed then stepped inside of the HQ.* [/b] "Pleased to meet you Akuma-san. I am Keiko Yakuza, I apologize for intruding but I was trying to get out of the forest. Indeed it is rather frightening that is why I thank you for letting me in." *Once Keiko had finish explaining herself she couldn't help but look around. She was suprised by how awesome it looked. She turned back to Akuma to tell him so.*
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:29 pm

lListening to Keiko introduce herself he nods

Nice to meet you keiko
Hmm are you a recruit in one of the other divisions?

listening to keiko speak about his HQ he nod smiling
why thank you miss i made sure to pull out all the stops designing this
place and i made sure to add some certain rooms for any incoming members or visitors such as yourself to help them feel at ease seeing as my own tastes are a bit eccentric
Now would you like a tour? Im quite proud of this place and have not gotten the chance to show it off yet
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:40 pm

* She smiles kindly and nods*

" A tour would be nice than you."

* She began to answer Akuma's other question.*

]b]" Yes sir. I am a member of the 6th division."[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:06 pm

Well follow me miss you have already seen enough of the forest im sure and this would be the entrance hall
Walking farther straight ahead we can reach the longue area the kitchen and the back of the castle
Heading up will take you to the bedrooms while heading down will bring you to my dungeons

*thinks for a moment and decides to go to the longue first*

If you would please follow me miss i will take you to our lounge area
From there we can head to the kitchen if you are hungry and we can look at the back of the castle
The back is perfectly safe i killed everything back there and purified it myself sometimes some of the more inquisitive inhabitants of the forest come visit but they're quite easy to repel
Ah you aren't have you applied to any Divisions yet?
I do not currently have any member here sadly
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:34 pm

* Keiko followed Akuma into the lounge and admired all of the fine pieces within it. ONce she heard his question she couldn't help but laugh a little.*

I have applied to the sixth division and I'm still making adjustments on the application. It is unfortunate that you do not have members at the moment, but I am sure with time other shinigami will be rather interested in your headquarters Akuma-san.

* She continued to look around and noticed that the headquarters were very quiet and imagined it to be soon thriving with shinigami everywhere enjoying their stay.*

This place is very nice indeed mister Akuma. Eccentric, yet comfortable. A nice infusion of styles.
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:04 pm

Yes i quite hope that this place will get filled up it's quite lonely at the moment no VC or any members just me by myself
You're my first visitor too
Also the first person i've seen to wander through that forest without a scratch in a long while
What were you doing in the forest anyways if you don't mind me asking miss keiko

*Smiling at keikos words he nodsthen sitting down on the couch he stares out the window at the back of the castle before turning and answering keiko*Why thank you miss keiko
Like i mentioned i tried hard when i was making this HQ
yes the best of both worlds my tastes are a bit eccentric that is why i chose this forest to put my HQ in but sometimes i enjoy more ah human comforts
Ah miss would you like a refreshment?
We have a fully stocked kitchen
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:33 am

No sir.but thank you for the offer.

*she smiled kindly.*

I was in the forest because i like exploring and well, your forest caught my attention so I went to investigate. Everything went fine until about halfway through, then i started seeing sets of eyes watching me, and felt like i was being followed. Then I heard some noise from behind me and took off running until i found this place.
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:23 am

Ah please miss you may call me akuma

*Listening to keiko's words he smiles*

Ah yes this forest is quite interesting although it is also dangerous you should be careful until you're more powerful you never know what you may find out there About halfway through? strange they usually come out sooner
Also you got lucky to find this place they might have injured you
The only safe place more or less is the back of this castle i killed everything there and purified the area myself
Although the forest sorrounds it on all sides most of those things out there avoid it

*Thinks for a moment*

Although some of the bolder ones do sometimes wonder in here but most of them stay away and any that do get to close can be quickly disposed off
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:37 am

*As Keiko listens to what akuma is saying shhe frowns a little from worry*
Well it sounds like i was rather fortunate not to be harmed, and even more so to have found this place. Would you be so kind as to tell me what sort of... creatures live among hose trees sir.. I mean Akuma? I would like to know so that I can be more ware next time. It is true I am not yet very powerful but I would like to know what it was that I ran away from. That is if you don't mind speaking of them.

*Even though she was frightened to go back into the forest whether she used the purified area or not, she was intrigued by what had scared her away and wanted to know a little more about the creatures within the wood-lain boundaries*
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:29 am

*frowning to himself slightly as he considers the best way to answer Keikos answer*
Ah well you see miss you were quite fortunate to find this place this castle of mine is located withing the canter of the forest
Aso to get here without a scratch
You do know what the name of this forest right?
The forest of death so named for the hollows that inhabit it
That is what what makes this forest so dangerous the hollows tend to attack anyone passing through some are quite easy to defeat and then there are other more powerful ones
Those are the ones you should fear although they rarely bother people
Usually the weaker ones seeking to be a nuisance attack people entering this forest

*Thinking about it for a moment he decides to explain it a little better*

Ah you see Miss Keiko those things out there will kill you if given the chance so please be careful if you're traveling through here always make sure someone is along with you until you can take care of yourself
Or stay within the fringes of the forest
Let us forget about this subject for now ask your teacher at the shinigami academy for more information on hollows if you want to know more
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:46 pm

*Keiko was very concentrated as Akuma explained about the forest and its inhabitants. She made note to speak to Nexus about me of this topic and changed the one currently being spoken about*

You mentioned me being your first visitor?

* She couldn't resist to look around once more and smiled to herself*

Is it too much to ask for me to see the dungeon Akuma sir?
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:23 pm

Ah yes miss keiko you are
You see most people would avoid this forest for the hmm aura it expels i suppose
For me though it is like a home away from home i have trained here for years
I know this forest better than any other shinigami alive i could profess to say me and my zanpoktou have scoured most if not all of it
Most of the other Captains leave me to my own actions unless we are having an important meeting i usually stay here where i feel most comfortable

*Considering her question he thinks for a moment then shunpos to his office and grabs a zanpoktou from his desk*
*Shunpoing back to the longue area he straps the zanpoktou to his left hip*

If you would like to do miss let us go but first you must promise to stick by my side and if i say run do not worry about me just run for your life
I have not been these dungeons since i took over this castle years ago
Although the old inhabitants may be dead now other hollows may have taken residence and i injured my Zanpoktou in a fight a couple weeks ago he is still recoverin I can fight with this one for now

*holds up the nameless zanpoktou he has borrowed*

Although i can still fight it will be harder if i have to worry about someone else while im at it
So please don't worry i can take care of myself just run i would not to have a bystander hurt
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:46 pm

Huong had entered the whole forest and the whole area without any
problems. She didnt even get one single scratch and entered
the so-said "Castle of Doom" with silent steps. She was quite
aware that this was the headquarters of the 11th division, which
was mostly feared by the members of the 4th division. Huong was
known for her creepy politeness. She looked around, admiring
the stylish furntiure and the whole ambiente.

"What a lovely castle." she said and then walked on.

"Taicho-sama?" she asked into the castle.
"I got your invitation, and now I am here... where are
you, Taicho-sama?"
she asked
and then waited patiently. It was not her style to butt in somewhere, and
therefore, she decided to wait.

Huong grabbed in her pocket, and had a strange foiled being
in her hand. It was some sort of popsicle, but as she put the foil
away, only a huge fried scorpion which seemed to have a horrible
death in hot chili oil was on the end. Huong bit into the crisp insect
which was so tasty to her as chinese woman.


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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:59 pm

*The girl listened to his discussion about the forest for a bit. After she was granted permission to see the dungeon, Keiko listened carefully to Akuma's instructions, then gives a quick nod to let him know that she understands. Something that he mentioned caught her attention however and she couldn't help but ask.*

Forgive me but were the old inhabitants down there when you first arrived here?

*She wandered what all could possibly be down there, and if the old inhabitants could even be down there. But most importantly how powerful the were now. she shook away the thoughts momentarily and prepared to see the dungeon*
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:33 pm

Ah a few were the stronger ones most of the weaker ones were up here in the now longue and kitchen area and the back of the castle

*As he recalls the battle to take the castle he smiles as bloodlust rises into his otherwise normally emotionless eyes*

Yes miss keiko a few hollows were down there nothing more than a couple of adjuchas i belive they're called some of the slitghtly more powerful hollows quite an enjoyable fight i still remember it fondly
Ah but they're dead now i wiped them out personally
I don't think we will find anything that powerful down there right now but we might find a couple of weaker hollows
While i can wipe them out i can't guarantee your safety while wiping them out

*Akuma snap to attention suddenly as he senses a familiar reaitsu enter his castle and he hears someone calling for a person name taichou-sama*

Wait here for the moment miss seems i have a new visitor to greet and judging from this reaitsu it's a captain
I will be right back and we can check out the dungeons

*Shunpoing at full speed he heads for the source of the reaitsu*
Coming upon a female shinigami calling for someone he walks up to her and speaks*

Ah ma'm I don't know who this taichou-sama is but call me akuma i am the new 11th Division Captain at your service

*bowing along with his introduction he speaks again*

tell me ma'm who would you be?
I'm sure by the strength of your reaitsu that you're a Captain but i do not remember you
Unless of course you are the 7th Division Captain?
I sent a Hell Butterfly to the 7th Divinsion
Im making an attempt to meet all the Captains
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:44 pm

Huong nodded. She swallowed her admittedly strange
snack and then turned to Akuma.
"Akuma,right...Let me note this." she said and then
took a raven feather out to note down the name of
this man in strange kanji. Were they even Kanji? No,
that must be some sort of different language!

"My name is Huong Lian Feng. I am the 7th divison
Captain. I got your message very early this morning."

she said politely and then nodded.
"It would be nice to know all of the Captains, for I only
know Tsubi- I mean, the Captain Commander." she
said with a soft smile.

"I must compliment you, Akuma-san, your castle is
quite delicate."
she said and then looked around. She
stepped forward and entered a little deeper into the room.
"My Headquarters are a little uncreative in comparison to
.." she said and then let out a smile

"Could you show me around before the other Captains
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:38 pm

*Keiko listened as Akuma explained about the Hollows that inhabited this place before he had arrived. She could quite easily picture the scene, although not with as exquisite of decorations pieces of course, and imagined how this place looked before-hand with all of those Hollows within the building. When he suddenly told her to stay and wait, she did as she was told. She took one last glance around and found a window, out of which she took a glance at the nearby forest.*
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:09 pm

Smiling at huongs compliment he steps forward farther into the room and speaks again

"Why thank you i put alot of time and effort into this place
Although im not quite sure what was harder elimanating the hollows that once infested this place or the actual decorating"

Considering huongs question he ponders for a moment before answering

"Ah well you see i would love to show around im a bit undisposed at the moment as it seems a shinigami was exploring my forest and got lost and ended up here
Currently i was about to honor her request and show her my dungeons
If you would like head forward in this same direction and you will find our longue area kitchen and garden in the back
If you wouldn't mind waiting while i escort the other young shinigami around my dungeons i can give you the tour
Also we have plenty of time as you are at the moment the only Captain I have invited even the Captain Commander has not yet received his Hell Butterfly
As i was in the middle of getting ready to the send them out when my young visitor arrived
Ah also a word of warning if you are to go out and enjoy the gardens do be careful some of the more adventorous hollows sometimes pay a visit
Although im sure they will pose no danger to a Captain of your caliber in bigger numbers they can be quite a nuisance and now if you will excuse me miss huong i will be with you in a matter of minutes""

Shunpoing back towards the longue area he spots keiko enjoying the view of the gardens from one of the windows
Walking up behind her he speaks

"They are quite beatiful are they not?
It took me about a week to finish them I purified every single inch of this area personally
It is ah a place to relax sometimes or do paperwork
I keep some lovely songbirds in my office I let them out once a week or more often sometimes for exercise
As i can not let them roam free sadly the hollows would make short work of them
Ah where was I oh yes miss keiko if you would please follow me we can tour my dungeons and remember my warnings if i ask you to run please do so miss i would not like to see a bystander injured for no reason
Also if you would like when we can come back i can personally show you the gardens as the 7th Division Captain has received my message i sent earlier today and has come to visit
If you wouldn't mind gracing me with your company with a while longer we can finish this tour along with miss ah Huong i beleive was her name"

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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:29 pm

Keiko heard footsteps behind her as she was gazing out the window and turned to se Mister Akuma. When he told her the precautions were something to be in the dungeon she nodded briefly.

"Yes sir I now know what to do"

She smiled brightly when he mentioned visiting the garden for she truly did want to explore it.

"I would be delighted to go to the gardens sir. And even moreso to have company on this tour of your exquisite headquarters. Thank you for the offer."

She finally stepped away from the window and smiled once more.

"ready when you are Akuma-san."
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:50 pm

Smiling back at the Keiko as she visibly brightens and smiles at the idea of visting his gardens he speaks

"Ah if you would like miss Keiko when we come back from the dungeon i can pick up my songbirds from my room and set them free im sure they would appreciate the exercise and they do make the place lovelier"

Smiling once again at the excitement of this shinigami he speaks

"Ah but of course miss if you would but follow me our destination is but down the steps a little farther back"

Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a small key

"I of course keep the door locked don't know what could possibly be roaming around down there
After i open the door i will lock it behind us wouldn't want anything escaping
Then i shall hand you the key just in case you need to make an escape
If you do have to run lock the door behind you and head back to the longue area where the Miss Huong is hopefully waiting ask for her protection
That is just a precuation in case anything should slip by me or if i should somehow be defeated"
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:11 pm

Once again Keiko beamed when Akuma mentioned his birds. This place just kept grabbing her attention at every corner. Adventurous by nature, this place seemed like a wonderful place to explore. But of course she would not do so out of respect for the owner and because she did not know this place.

" I would like that very much Akuma-sama. I'm sure they are as elegant of creatures as the Headquarters in which they live."
She listened carefully as she was being told where to go if any problems occured in the dungeon and nodded solemnly, but hoped there would not be anything down there for it would be unfrtunate and most likely end the tour quicker than expected.

In all seriousness she asked a tad concerned,"Yes sir. But, if I may ask, how will we know when to unlock the dungeon to fetch you? If the circumstances occured that is."
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:59 pm

Smiling at the praise the young shinigami layed on his birds he spoke

"Yes they are quite lovely miss it's a pair a female and a male if you would like i could give you one as a gift
They recently had a batch of 3 eggs when they're old enough you may take one of the children if you wish"

Considering how to best answer her question he stops for a moment his face draining of any emotion as he thinks

"Don't worry miss if i really wanted to i can through that door if i have to and if there is anything down there strong enough to defeat me so could they but i do not beleive there is as i can feel no reatsu down there except for faint traces
So if anything there are lesser hollows which will be easy to remove and won't cause any pauses in our trip shall we get started?"

Turning he begins to lead the way towards the steps leading down into the dungeons
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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Castle of Doom   

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11th Division Castle of Doom
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