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 Two Steps from hell

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PostSubject: Two Steps from hell   Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:49 am

A Great evil has destroyed Earth. The Human Race is nearly extinct, Except for two men. They escaped the explosion by jumping into an old space ship. And have crash landed on an unknown planet named Delta X. They don't know if there is life on this planet, but they're willing to find out. The great evil that destroyed Earth is someone named Kazunax. He wishes to destroy the universe in order to reign supreme. Kazunax appears on Delta X, about 3 days away from where our two survivors crash landed. Will they survive this encounter? The two survivors shall be whoever gets to post as a human first XD.

This....is where our story begins.

Bio template:

Quote :
Appearance:(Please use as much detail as possible, pictures are accepted)
Personality:(3 Paragraphs Minimal)
Race(Demon,Alien,Cat-Human,Cat-Demon,etc) Remember, only two normal humans remain.
Affiliation:(Allies,Neutral or Kazunax's side)
Skills:(Markmanship,Swordsmanship,Martial Arts, mechanics, etc)
Magiks:(Only one for now, Fire,Summoning,Ice,etc) *The humans can't use magiks yet*
Mecha:(Not yet available)
History(2 Paragraphs Minimal)
Starting Area:(Delta X, Alpha X, Lagoon X, Dark Abyssal, Helio,Valthar.Zanthea): *Note: Only demon types are allowed to reside on Delta X*

Welcome to our World. The Universe is Vast and holds many unknown secrets. Here are a few of its worlds.

Delta X: A barren wasteland planet where some demons reside, it is where our story begins.

Alpha X: A lush green planet located light years away from Delta X. Advanced life is said to be found here(Most of the roleplayers can choose to start here.)

Lagoon X: An ocean world, Cat-Humans and Cat-Demons co-exist here in peace, by building domes under the vast blue oceans. (Anyone may choose to start here, save for the main characters)

Dark Abyssal: Kazunax's home world. It is always nighttime here and it is quite peaceful, he takes good care of his home base. (Said to be the home of demons and vampires)

Helio: A moon orbiting Dark Abyssal, it is an ocean and land planet, bearing a striking resemblance to earth. (Another place people can start at)

Valthar: A Cold world, covered by snow all the time. However it is habitable, and cities and villages have sprung up here.

Zanthea: A moon of Valthar that is a metallic world covered in cities, it has its own regulated atmosphere and is said to be the most advanced society.

"To catch a criminal, you befriend them and act like their own."

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Two Steps from hell
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