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 Global Warming

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PostSubject: Global Warming   Global Warming EmptySun Jul 17, 2011 3:02 am

Okay here comes the clincher, is Global Warming Natural, Somewhat Human-made, Or totally Human Made? To be honest, if anyone chooses the last one, I will wonder what is wrong with their head. Although, this is all based on opinion, debates get heated and really fun sometimes :3, if they kick off enough, I'll make a sub forum for Debates. Anyways, what do you believe? Did you know that Methane from Cow Manure heats the Atmosphere more then Co2? Did you know that Co2 actually cools down the global temperature? Worried about the next ice age? We're not out of the last one yet, *Points to Ice on Polar Caps* Precisely.

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Global Warming
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