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 6th Division Vice Captain Character Profile

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PostSubject: 6th Division Vice Captain Character Profile   Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:55 am

Pre-Shinigami Life

Daniru was an above average High School student. Interested in Science and English, he wanted to become a Scientist after College. Upon Graduating, he managed to get into the perfect school. On campus, he wasn't that popular, but he was liked by most students and teachers. He led his classes in experienents and soon discovered several new chemicals. In his free time, he camped out in a forest near the College. Next to Science, watching the stars was his favorite thing. His dream was to cure humanity of things like cancer. But he would never reach this dream. One mislabeled chemical led to an explosion in his College Lab. His head was blown clean off, and the last thing he heard was an eery laughter.


He became a wandering soul, collecting research on the spiritual realm. It was this work that brought him to finding out the existence of Hollows. He studied their habits, their weaknesses. Eventually he discovered that Hollows were twisted human souls and that cutting their masks was the most efficient way to dispose of them. This was a big achievement for a spirit with no connection to any Shinigami. But this research would not save him from attack.

In the process of this work, Daniru found that as a soul he had some degree of spiritual power. But, the leakage of reiatsu caught the attention of a Menos Grande. The giant creature found him and was seconds away from destroying him when a door appeared out of nowhere. Stepping out was a man in black robes. This man had a white coat with the numeral 6 on it. The man felled the giant beast in one blow and spoke to Daniru. He introduced himself as a Shinigami Captain named Arashi. He noted the young man's semi developed reiatsu and, forgoing the usual means of transporting Souls by way of Konso, he just took the man through the Senkimon with him.

Shinigami Life

Daniru was enrolled immediately in the Academy when he arrived. Here he developed great skill with Kidou and Zanjutsu, but never could master any point of Hakuda. In the Academy, he was always trying to best another student by the name of Keitaro. The two were both greatly skilled, the other possibly a bit stronger. The two's rivalry led to many small contests, such as who could master a certain Kidou faster or who could achieve Shikai first. Daniru won a few of these contests, developing excellent skill with low level Bakudo and Hado, combining them in odd ways.

Upon graduating second highest in his class, surpassed only by Keitaro, a voice spoke to him. This was the voice of the boy's zanpakuto, a voice he had heard a few times before. The spirit told him of a place where Hollows lived. He led him to a clearing outside the Sereitei where a black rip appeared in the sky. This was the way Hollows traveled, Garganta. Daniru had heard about this when he researched Hollows as a Soul. After some coaching from his zanpakuto spirit, he learned how to create a weak Garganta. It was enough to get him to their world, Hueco Mundo.

Menos Forest

Daniru came across this forest during his travels beside his zanpakuto spirit. The two journeyed through this barren wasteland of crystalline tree and mammalian Hollows for seven years. During this time, Daniru developed and perfected his Shikai. His affinity toward Hollows was shown in his abilities and battle style. After the years passed, the spirit, Hitori Ookami, told Daniru to return to the Soul Society. Opening a more developed Garganta, the boy returned to his old home.

The Gotei 13

When he returned, he found his savior, the Shinigami who had saved him, Arashi. He thanked the man and asked to join the 6th Division in order to pay back the life debt he owed the man. Rising through the ranks, Daniru displayed excellent control of all of his abilities, combining Zanjutsu and Kidou in new ways. Secretly, he trained in Bankai with Arashi, eventually achieving this as a 6rd seat. When the old Vice Captain retired, Daniru was slightly surprised to see a Hell Butterfly from Arashi offering him the post. He was sure that the higher seated members would have gotten the rank, but Daniru was happy nonetheless. It is here our story begins, days after Daniru was appointed.

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6th Division Vice Captain Character Profile
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