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 6th Division Captain Character Profile

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PostSubject: 6th Division Captain Character Profile   Sat Jul 23, 2011 7:26 am

Name: Arashi

Pre-Shinigami Life:

Arashi Died at a very young age, he was merely 18 when his end came. As a self sacrificing type of person, Arashi would do anything to help another Human Being in need. Unfortunately that turned out to be his downfall. He was on his way home from work, having just graduated High School a few weeks ago, when he heard screams. He immediately went to find the source of the horrible cries. He comes upon a horrible scene. A young woman is being beaten and Violated in the worst way possible. His rage ignited he runs forward and attempts to save the poor woman. He was trained in 3 different kinds of Martial Arts, and achieve his Black Belt in all of them. It was nothing for him to fight off the 2 men that were in front of him. Leaving them bloodied on the ground, he calls 911 for the woman.

Help arrives quickly, and the woman is rushed to the hospital. The next day Arashi's picture is posted in the newspaper and he is hailed as a hero. He realizes that his true calling in life is to help people that cannot help themselves, so he joins the Police force in his City. For a few months, all is well, and then he chances upon yet another Raping. Being a Police Officer now, he has no need to punch and kick them into submission, instead he calls for backup and pulls his gun on them, demanding that they get on the ground. They merely laugh at him and both of them pull pistols and shoot him multiple times in the chest and stomach areas. He drops to the ground, the pain intense, and lying there he slowly bleeds out. The would-be Rape Victim is left alone and the Two Men that shot him tormented him, kicking his wounds and spitting on his face. Unable to do anything he watches it all going on, feeling every blow. His ribs break, and he tries to cry out in pain, but his lungs have collapsed.

Look up weakly before he dies he sees the poor woman on her feet, and he manages to nod his head, hoping that she would understand him telling her to run. She does and runs as fast as she can. The men don't notice and Arashi closes his eyes, able to die with a sense of accomplishment that he was able to save a life, in exchange for his own.

After Death

Arashi was a wandering soul for a large amount of time, maybe a few years. During that time he followed the woman that he sacrificed his life for, and although he could not physically intervene, he did his best to make her life easier in whatever way he could. He was following her home from work one day, when he saw two men following her. Had he been alive his face would have paled, but as was he was already pale enough...and see through. He did his best to stop them, mainly by flying through them, and whispering in their ears to freak them out, but nothing worked. He sat helpless as he watched the two men grab the woman and for the second time in her life she was Violated. He floated next to her and whispered encouragement, trying to make her ordeal easier, when suddenly he caught a glimpse of one of their faces. It was the same two men that had killed him. Deja Vu took over his mind and he was back on the day of his death, watching helplessly as they committed their crimes.

He cried out in Rage and Pain, when suddenly from the street he heard an even more terrifying roar. It was that of a Hollow, though at the time he didn't know that. The monster walked forward, and swiped the two men with its claws, tearing them limb from limb. What was left of their bodies fell to the floor. The Monsters next target was the woman and it shot forward to claim its prize. Arashi jumped in between them and the monster stopped for a second. Arashi's face was contorted in pure rage, and his form rippled like it was made of water. He screams and suddenly he has a solid body again and is able to fight back. He can feel the energy in his flesh, and he raises his hand. Without meaning to, he releases that energy all at once, shooting a Kido. It destroys the mast of the hollow and he collapses, returning to normal.

The soul society learns of this and sends a Shinigami to help him pass on. That Shinigami finds him a few days later and he is sent to Soul Society, leaving the Real World behind at last


Arashi did not spend that much time in Rukongai, but when he was there he met his Best Friend Akuma, and the two of them became as close as brothers. They caused a lot of trouble together, stealing food, playing pranks, etc etc. One day they had a talk about Shinigami. Arashi had a deep respect for them, having been a Police Officer in his previous life. After talking it over they agreed to Sign Up

Life as a Shinigami

Arashi entered the Academy and was a standout from the very beginning. His Skills where good in every area of Combat, and was good with people. But he excelled in his Hakuda, and his Zanjutsu. He passed his classes with flying colors, and was accepted into the 6th Division as a recruit. He kept in contact with his Best Friend, and the two of them Trained together constantly. Then the day came when he heard his Zanpaktou's voice in his head, whispering to him, almost like he used to do to the Woman when he was a Spirit. Without warning his sword exploded and his Shikai was achieved.

He rose quickly through the ranks in the 6th Division. He got the news one day that the 6th Division Captain had passed away due to an Illness that had been slowly eating away at his life force. After attending the funeral he received a hell butterfly saying that he had been recommended for the position of 6th Division Captain. Arashi takes the test for Captain and is accepted as Captain of the 6th Division, where he has remained until present day
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PostSubject: Re: 6th Division Captain Character Profile   Sat Jul 23, 2011 9:59 pm


Arashi is a very caring person, and will do anything to protect those close to him. His Division means the world to him, and because of that, he has trained himself to become strong so that he is able to protect it. As a Captain he is very kind, but if a rule is broken, he will not hesitate to punish, although it goes against his nature. In particular he loves to train people, getting a large amount of satisfaction from watching someone grow as they get stronger. Knowing what it feels like to be weak and powerless, he refuses to let that happen to anyone else.


Arashi stands at 6 feet, and has Blond hair that sticks out in many different directions. Because of this it gives him a while appearance in battle. He has electric blue eyes that almost seem like they are looking into your very soul


His Captains Cloak is in perfect condition, he likes to keep good appearances

Underneath his Captains cloak he wears a long jacket, and underneath that, a collared shirt

Fighting style

When Arashi fights, his personality changes completely. Unless he is training someone, he is very serious, instead of his usual joking self. While in the Academy, he perfected his focus, so nothing will distract him, and his mind is sharp. He is the kind of fighter that won't stop until he either killed or knocked out cold. He didn't have this trait before, but training for so long alongside Akuma, he learned how to incorporate that into his own fighting style
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PostSubject: Re: 6th Division Captain Character Profile   Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:19 am



Sealed State:

In its sealed form is a Katana with a Glolden Handle. the blade is colored different colors, black and white separated by a line down the middle of the metal.


Much to Arashi's surprise, his Zanpaktou Spirit is Female. After meeting her for the first time he realizes that she looks shockingly similar to the woman he had given his life for, mixed in with his own features. Her personality is much like his own, very caring. But when with Arashi, in training, she is harsh, and gives no quarter for rest.


Release Command: Motarasu ko anati dengen shoshite pandoru anati kataki shi(bring forth your power and paint your enemies death Sketch)

When Arashi Invokes the release Command of his Zanpaktou, the blade and handle melts, as if turning into liquid. It reforms itself in Arashi's hand turning into his shikai

Passive abilities

1.When the shikai is released, Arashis Eyesight increases dramatically, increasing his reaction times

2. The colors that he sees in front of him, his very vision, pulses like a giant hearbeat, when he is in danger. this allows him a slight bit of foresight, although he doesn't know the nature of the attack

Active abilities

Sumi Nami(Ink Wave): while the name does not have to be called out to use this power, the ink that the pen uses can cut the opponent, but not the user. The ink can be controlled by movements of the users pen, if he loses the pen he pretty much defensless unless he has some other weapon on him that he brought with him to the fight. There is a certain ammount that the use can summon at one time, and that increases with the ammount of reatsu of the user.

Sumi Nami(Ink Wave): while the name does not have to be called out to use this power, the ink that the pen uses can cut the opponent, but not the user. The ink can be controlled by movements of the users pen, if he loses the pen he pretty much defensless unless he has some other weapon on him that he brought with him to the fight. There is a certain ammount that the use can summon at one time, and that increases with the ammount of reatsu of the user.

Souchous(Symbols): When the user cute a symbol into the ground, and then injects some of his own reatsu into that symbol it has different effects depending on what the symbol is. There are three symbols

A sword:Shoots little daggers straight up, out of the symbol itself

A shield: Protects whatever is above it(not necessarily the user) in a bubble

An Arrow: Fires whatever is above it in whatever dirrection the arrow itself is pointing. The speed that it shoots is double whatever speed the object or person or whatever it is is already moving at. So the object has to already be moving for it to be effective.
This is all considered one active ability because it falls under that Souchous ability

Katameru(Solidify): This is the main power of the zanpaktou. The ink that the user shoots can be solidified into a solid object. This can be used as a shiled or even another sort of a weapon that the use can use if he wants to.


Name: Inku niyoru shi (Death By Ink)

When Bankai is released Arashi's ink swirls in the air and forms another pen, which Arashi can also use. With this he can create twice as much ink, and he keeps all his abilities from Shikai

Passive Abilities for Bankai

1. When his bankai is released, his body is covered in his own ink, making his Hakuda even more deadly, and giving him an armor against heavy blows

2. His eye sight is sharpened even further, so he can see even the slightest bit of movement

3. Arashi Gains wings made out of solidified Ink. This means that he can fly or glide at will, and the wings can be transformed into ink

Active abilities

1. Inku Kasei.(Ink Transformation)

With this ability, Arashi can turn the dirt around him, with a radius of 2 feet any direction, into ink that can be used for attack or defense.

2. Burraku Kemuri (Black Smoke)

With this ability, Arashi turns one quarter of the ink he has into a smoke cloud, used to hide him when hes in a tough spot. The ink is made of his reatsu, so therefore so is the smoke, making it harder to find him

3. Anda-Guraundo Sumi (Underground Ink)

Arashi uses his ink to burrow deep underground, then attack his enemies from below. It takes up a large amount of reatsu, but is quite useful

4. Sumi Sumai (Ink House)

This is Arashi's Last Resort attack. he weaves his ink into a solid house around his opponent. He can then collapse the house inwards, enter the building himself, or control the landscape. Its extremely difficult to escape. He Developed this attack to use if he knows he is going to lose the fight. He will only use this if he has no other options
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PostSubject: Re: 6th Division Captain Character Profile   

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6th Division Captain Character Profile
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