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 「一」 Things to do list 「一」

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PostSubject: 「一」 Things to do list 「一」   Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:32 am

As requested by Arashi and talking to him we wanted to have a to-do list for the site.

Kidō template, each division as the freedom to pick what seat can cast what.

archive visitor message threads in each division, we have agreed on a global thread for that.

type of ranking system, we have a baseline on what people can use for their zanny depending where they are seated. My goal is to have a system where you can downgrade your Zanpakutō control (meaning you make control of your abilities weaker) so you can be higher ranked in Zanjutsu, Hakuda,Kidou, Strength/endurance, Shunpo/speed.


If you have the potinal to have bankai (5th seat +), you need to drop all Bankai moves before weakening shiakai. Also you cannot drop the first abilities and only use your strongest attack. You can drop your second passive without effecting anything else. Other then that you have to weaken control in your final attack first before anything else.

I would like to put Visored rules in place once everything is settled. I am working on having Visoreds but so far Visored powers will not be allowed in fighting. We can however start to let people roleplay the conflict you have with the inner hollow. The problem with Visoreds could easily be GM to normal Shinigami. We are thinking about putting a limit on how many Visoreds can be in each division to spread people around. Right now that number is 4 per division.

Making sure each Division has the basic threads needed:
HQ where everyone can visit
divvy housing that is meant only for divvy members and a gust. guest would work like inviting your friend to sleep at your house.
Zanny profile
Kidō list
character list
private announcement board
Ranking thread
suggestion thread (for ranking)
suggestion thread (divvy matters)
recruitment thread
report in
report out
former Division member thread
few basic off topic threads that people can rp/play in

For the site:
Rukongai section
Central 46 section
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「一」 Things to do list 「一」
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