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 Rules *Read or be Raped*

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PostSubject: Rules *Read or be Raped*   Rules *Read or be Raped* EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 10:05 pm

The Rules

Rules *Read or be Raped* Random_Bleach_banner_by_Shadows_Hand

1. Please do not Godmod, I will be on the lookout for failures at RP like you, so be careful!

2. Grammar is a MUST. If people cannot understand what your writing, how are they supposed to roleplay with you? This is an ENGLISH Forum, you must use it as such, however other languages will be allowed in PM's.

3. Swearing is allowed to an extent, but if we see it getting out of hand, we shall lay down the law.

4. No less then 2 Paragraphs(5 sentences each) for every roleplay post.

5. If you need help, DO NOT Hesitate to contact a Moderator or Admin, that's what we're here for.

6. No flaming or trolling others, otherwise I'll have your head.

7. PLEASE, no mature content, it's downright dirty.(Except in the appropriate section)

8. If you bring cookies, share them with me.

9. I reserve the right to fuck with you on a mere whim.

10. So does Dowmone.

From Dowmone

11. For Every One Liner that is found, Luna will kill a puppy.

12. Signatures must not contain any mature content, or links to mature sites. Advertising in a signature is discouraged as well. You can have all you want in a signature, as long as imagines over 300x200 are in spoilers.
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Rules *Read or be Raped*
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