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 Howdy ho there neighbor! (:

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PostSubject: Howdy ho there neighbor! (:   Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:22 pm

Hmmm... What is there to really say about the almighty Klowee.. Hahah! That's a joke my dear friends. I do take RPing seriously if I need to, but in real life and in forum I'm a pacifist. Fighting just isn't my style unless I'm protecting a loved one. There's really nothing more to that. You could challenge me day and night, but as soon as you get your grubby little paws on someone I love, you're toast. :3

I can't say I'm caught up on either the anime or the manga. I know.. It's such a sad deal.. I need to start watching it again.. I've been a pretty highly ranked member before, of the ninth division, on another site. I enjoyed my stay there very much, and just may start up there, again, hard core. (: I'm also looking for variety, so if I get a warm welcome and see that I like this forum, I'll gladly stay. (:

I'm really a serious person most of the time.. If you can consider having the mind and thought processes of a four-year-old serious.. I do give some great advice and I'll never turn my back on someone. I make friends easily and I can be really random and fun if you let me. I'm usually shy, but that's changing a lot lately. We'll see how this goes and I'm very excited to check out this forum! (:
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Howdy ho there neighbor! (:
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