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 [九 9th Division] Official Signature & Avatar Request Shop!

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PostSubject: [九 9th Division] Official Signature & Avatar Request Shop!   Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:56 pm

Welcome 9th Divisioners!

To The:
Official Signature & Avatar Request Shop!

In need of a signature that matches our Division? Fear no more!
The Captain and Vice Captain are talented in making signatures, and they are the primary artists in this Shop.

As for Avatars, the Vice captain, myself, will handle those.

General Shop Rules:

Please fill out our application form and we will start working on your request. If you do not fill out the application form properly or at all your request won't be taken into consideration.

If a character you would like to have on your signature and/or avatar has not jet appeared in the Bleach anime he is considered as a spoiler for all the members who do not read the Bleach manga. Because your signature and/or avatar will appear in all sections of the forum it is also considered as a spoiler. We will not be making those kinds of requests. When the character does appear in the anime, fill out our application form and we will be happy to make you the signature and/or avatar that you desire.

This is a very serious offense on the forum and the rules apply to our shop as well. Please refrain from posting the same request numerous times, off-topic conversations and non-topic posts. If we catch you spamming your post will be reported and you will get an infraction! You have been warned!

We really appreciate if we get a thank you for the requests we have made. Feel free to post it in this thread, but please keep it short. With this we mean do not quote the entire post of the artist who fulfilled your request. Please leave out the waiting list. Or else our entire screen will be overwhelmed

Signature Form:

Type – [Signature or Avatar]
Theme – [Bleach, Naruto, any type of show, game or person]
Character – [A specific character you would like in your signature/avatar]
Image – [we appreciate it if you add an image, or an example image]
Font – [Big, Small, Light, Dark etc.]
Main Text – [Username]
Subtext – [Usually just a quote and/or your Division rank]
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[九 9th Division] Official Signature & Avatar Request Shop!
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