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 Hakai Chikara [T H E D E S T R O Y E R]

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PostSubject: Hakai Chikara [T H E D E S T R O Y E R]   Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:13 pm

[T H E |D E S T R O Y E R]



General Information

Name: Hakai Chikara
Appearance Age: 26
True Age: 956
Gender: Male


Known for his rapid destruction, The Destroyer is a very, very determined and can be considered as a sadist. He would not be considered, a 'heartless being' because even he does have a soft side. Although it rarely shows, he is a very lonely guy. A lot of people are scared of him just because of his rank. Overall, he is rather collected, thinking out situations thoroughly before jumping to conclusions. As said, he is a sadist and doesn't mind seeing people in pain, he embraces it. Blood does not faze him in the slightest.

When in battle, he is very collected and smart when it comes to tactics. Even when he is in a dire situation he acts like normal and thinks through EVERYTHING. Usually, he will not hold back. However, he doesn't like to hurt his own members, he would only do so if they betrayed him. Hakai is not a person you would feel intimidated by at first glance, but his voice is deep and menacing and could strike fear into your heart quickly.

Hakai Chikara does not consider himself to be, 'the most powerful'. Though, he more considers himself more powerful than a lot of others out there. Due to his hatred for arrancar, he often trains his members to their full extent, preparing them for anything. His name alone means 'Destruction Force.' Under all this, if he is in a outstanding fight, he can tend to go a little... crazy and want to destroy everything in his wake. However, this is extremely rare to push him this far in a fight.




[Z A N P A K U T O] Description

Zanpakuto Name: Iwa Kinzoku (Rock Metal)

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Iwa's body is largely made out of metal, bits like his arms legs, chest are even metal. The only parts on him that aren't is his face and neck.

Zanpakuto World:

Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance: Hakai's sealed Zanpukto are all of the body piercings seen across his body. These are infused to his body so that he may never lose sight or control of his Zanpukto at any given time. He did this to modify his Zanpukto to fit his needs more. As such, Hakai cut the metal blade from his Zanpukto completely off and decided to cut it up into multiple pieces in order to actually become one with his blade. Thus, with all of that work done, it has given him the abilities stated below.

Sealed Zanpakuto Abilties:

Enhanced Strength And Defense: Thanks to uniting with his Zanpukto, some of the strength that came from the steel part of his blade merged with his overall body strength. What this means is that Hakai has the ability to pierce through walls with a fine edge like a sword, withstand many heavy impacts, dish out intense blows to opponents and even vibrate his body enough to cut THROUGH other people. He is even dangerous in his sealed form.

Body Producing Metal: In this state, Hakai is also able to produce very sharp and deadly pieces of metal from his body. He can craft many types of weapon's, attack's and shields from this ability. This obviously makes him decently skilled in the arts of weapons as well. It's another way to hopefully counter the arrancar some day.

Release Phrase:Roar, Iwa Kinzoku!


Shikai Appearance: When Hakai transforms into his Shikai state, an intense serge of power begins to weigh down on a five hundred meter area. It's enough to blow back most people below two tier, even. Apart from that, after this uprising in power is complete, Hakai is engulfed within an intense amount of black reitsu that covers his entire body almost like smoke. This intense coating of black "smoke"is meant to protect, defend and even heal Hakai in some cases. Not only that, but when he enters Shikai, even his skin seems to become a blacker while his eyes have an intense red glow to them.

Shikai Abilities

Enhanced Vision: His eyes aren't just for show and tell. Once he transforms into his Shikai State, Hakai gains the ability to see for distances up to five thousand meter away. Not only that, but he can also detect different people, animal's and other various objects within the distance. He also retains the ability to see even within the night or within dark area's.

Enhanced Strength: During his transformation into Shikai, each of the muscles within Hakai's body become enhanced, strengthen and made stronger with the help of his Zanpukto and reitsu. With a single punch alone, he is able to shatter most car's, boulders and small buildings. So, needless to say, he gets a powerful increase in strength power.

Enhanced Speed: Since he is not as enormous as most others are with their strength, he also gains a speed increase from transforming into his Shikai state. He can move at great speeds during combat, launch off attack's quickly and counter if need to thanks to his speed. It's even possible for him to reach speeds of up to four hundred miles per hour during peak combat.

Vibration: The black, reitsu smoke around him can manipulate the particles it is made up from and cause them to vibrate at the same level as a Quincy's Seele Schneider. This is used for cutting through rock, metal's, various attack's and even right through people. He tends to use this in quick burst, though, so he doesn't waste too much reitsu on it. Planning to surprise people with this technique more then anything.

Deadly Smoke: Hakai is capable of producing vast amounts of smoke from the black reitsu coating him or producing large amounts of smoke from inside of his body. Typically, Hakai chooses to fill a large area of up to three hundred meters with intense black smoke that can acts like an acid almost. Burning most people's skin off, attempting to blind people's eyes, causing wounds to open up on their body and it's even able to destroy non-living things rather quickly. Such as if Hakai was to blow his smoke down on a building, it wouldn't take long for it to crumble into ash.

Though, that's not the only thing he can do with his smoke. By combining it with the smoke covering his body, he can vibrate the particles within it and send large waves of vibrating smoke at opponents that can cut their bodies open rather easily. It can also be used to hide the weapon's his body makes as well; such as cloaking a hidden dagger or sword within a plum of smoke. This can be a seriously lethal technique if fused with kidou, alternative abilities and etc.

Durable Skin: Just as his eyes are not just for show, so is his skin. When he enters Shikai, his skin darkens because it attains an ability where he is able to soften the impact of most blows thanks to the fusion process he made with his Zanpukto. What this means is that his body gains the same type of durability any other powerful Zanpukto's blade would have. Increasing his overall defense.

It's also possible for him to survive intense temperatures, intense blows, low oxygen area's and many other places a sword could survive without much effort thanks to modeling his body just like his Zanpukto. Making it all the more difficult to attack Hakai. And, with his skin, he can even take some fire, merge it with his smoke and strengthen his attack's.


Bankai Appearance:
The metal pieces of sword on his body begin to glow a deep green, soon melting away all over onto Hakai's skin, within seconds it covers his entire body, head to toe in menacing and steel looking metal.

Bankai Abilities:

Like shikai, his still has the speed boost he gains as well as the enhanced vision and strength also grows.

Highly durable skin:
His skin isn't just for show when he enters bankai, his entire body becomes engulfed with metal. Even his inner organs and flesh are mixed with metal, enhancing his durability heaps. Due to his metal body, he able to withstand much heavier blows that his normal skin. If he was to take a punch to the stomach while in shikai/sealed he would feel a gut wrenching pain, without a doubt. With Bankai activated, if he was to take a moderate punch to the stomach, he would barely feel much, making him feel pain but he would now be more resilient.

However, such an ability isn't without downfalls. If having taken multiple hits on his body, once bankai is deactivated he will have bruises all over his body from where he had taken the hits. Basically, he uses the metal coating his skin as a pain killer for the moment. Even then, his body still takes damage that he can feel. It is just worse when he comes out of bankai. His punches and kicks along with this also become more effective due to his entire body being metal.

Vibration: The black, reitsu smoke around him can manipulate the particles it is made up from and cause them to vibrate at the same level as a Quincy's Seele Schneider. This is used for cutting through rock, metal's, various attack's and even right through people. He tends to use this in quick burst, though, so he doesn't waste too much reitsu on it. Planning to surprise people with this technique more then anything.

Black smoke increase:
The black smoke in which he can create in shikai increases to a massive level. Similar to Byakuya's bankai when he releases he gains the power of more flower petals, Hakai gains more smoke. The smoke can be pored out from any part of his body whenever he wishes. He can create quite a bit of the black smog, but has to be preserved if using to much (Taking it back in). With this smoke, he can create all the things he could do in shikai as well as the techniques he can use with it.

Smoke Solidification:
As the name states, he can also turn this smoke into a metal solid wall or any shape he wishes. If he was to block someones attack by making a wall of smoke in front of him, then solidifying it to metal it would be able to withstand an attack from kidou all the way up to level 80 (The same damage it can withstand of a Hado 88 danku). This metal is extremely hard and is hard to budge if you don't have a highly destructive technique. Since his smoke is freely moveable, he can solidify the smoke into metal in any shape he so wishes. Similar as if you were to freeze water in a certain shape.

When the smoke takes on a solid form, it becomes extremely heavy and can no longer float around in mid air and usually instantly drops to the floor with a thud. This is good for setting traps. He can turn it into metal and into smoke freely at his own will.


[B E G I N]

~Chapter one~

Hakai was always a lonely guy. Even at the early age, he was picked on and humiliated in front of his entire town. Being a only child was hard during those times, over 900 years ago. His family wasn't poor, nor were they rich, they were doing absolutely fine in the world financial wise. However, they were not doing fine in other ways. They were rough, cruel and discriminative parents to him. They despised him for becoming who he was, he was a kid with a vivid imagination and crushed his dreams, hopes and everything along with it. He could barely stand it. It killed him inside. They always made him do horrible jobs, ruining his life even at an early age, he did not care about them in the slightest. At the age of 16, he was walking down a dark ally way, the sounds of horse and cattle rumbling past the street. A voice whispered out to him from the shadows, erupting and shrouding him like a bad smell. A figure of black emotion... heartless feelings and a sadness shrouded the air, it stuck to him, clinging onto his clothes dragging him down. It felt heavy, like a massive weight had been dropped directly on his shoulders. What was happening to him?

All was black, nothing could be seen or heard. What was going on? For a good few hours, all he could see was the drowning dark black smog that covered his eyes and ears. He could feel himself moving, he didn't know what it was, why? What was going on? The black smog exploded off of his body, the feeling of a knife grasped into his hand. Blood slipped of the knife, dropping into a wide open mouth on the floor at his feet. The knife was covered in crimson red blood. Glancing around, blood was everywhere, at his feet; his parents. Dead. Cold. Bleeding. The blood from the knife continued to drip into the fathers mouth that was on the floor at his feet. Yet, Hakai didn't budge. Not a single movement or hesitation. Rather... he was pleased. Hakai had thought about taking revenge on them for so long... so damned long! His wish had finally come true.

The blood stained his clothes, his skin and his memory. Forever. He began to laugh maniacally, his parents blood soaking into the floor deeper and deeper. Repeatedly, he stabbed... stabbed... and stabbed into them again and again. Over and over. He repeated for ages and ages until the local police and services came in, pulling him away and repeatedly forcing him away from the bodies of his parents. Almost at this exact moment, they sentenced him immediate death, not trial, nothing. Even to this day, he doesn't know what the smog was... he seeks to find out.

Hakai was always a man that desired victory. Even from his early years as a shinigami, right up until now. At first, he joined the 3rd division in an attempt to further his fighting skills, training with his comrades and everything. And ever since then he has still kept with them. They were his only home, and he loved them all. Once he joined the 3rd, he met a man named Notaro who he became good friends with, often training the hell out of each other and giving hellish battles. He alone was one of the only other people he could or would open up to. That was all he needed.

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Hakai Chikara [T H E D E S T R O Y E R]
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