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 「二」 Barracks 「二」

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PostSubject: 「二」 Barracks 「二」   Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:17 pm

This is where we house the offices and living quarters of the Shinigami of the 2nd Division. The building are amazingly luxurious The offices are said to boast automatic doors and heated floors. The barracks even have a hot spring.The division grounds also holds the Ujimushi no Su (蛆虫の巣, Nest of Maggots) Where Shinigami go after an extended leave.

Captain/vice captain rooms:

3 rooms that look like:

for 3-5 seats.

Hot spring:

1) This is for second Division members only or invited gusts by a second division member to relax and maybe sleep in the member's room. The second member has to post first saying they have the guest with them. This thread is meant to be a private version of our HQ, you would not have 5 people sleeping in your room so keep the guest invites reasonable.
2) Please follow all the forum rules in this thread.
3) Please do not spam this thread.
4) Please do not bait, flame or troll anyone posting in this thread, be they mod, guest, or member of this division, no matter who you are.
5) Anyone in a division can visit us, follow the site RP rules.

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「二」 Barracks 「二」
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