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 The History, Present and Future(Plot)

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PostSubject: The History, Present and Future(Plot)   Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:04 am

The year....unknown, but something different happened in history...a different Captain-Commander was appointed...and his name was Tsubine. History began to flow in a new direction, Aizen Sousuke never became a shinigami, he was killed when he was a human by a Quincy. The events leading up to the present day were totally different. A new beginning had occurred, and now the captains who were appointed must face a decision, to continue with their lives, or study the worrisome signs. It began 600,000 years ago, when a strange man showed up, He wore a tattered captains Haori, that had the colors reversed. The insignia on his jacket read "6th Division". His hair a bright crimson, and his eyes golden. He blew apart the guards of Seireitei with ease, and walked slowly into the central gotei courts. His right eye was covered by a black eyepatch, and he wore oddly a vice-captain insignia on his right shoulder. When Tsubine came out to greet him, the man simply said.

"You have no more time, I will crush you...I will end this sorry disgrace for a world. "

When questioned he merely mentioned his name. "Abarai Renji...there is no point, you will soon die anyways."

That was the beginning of the biggest disaster in Seireitei history, more then half of the entire district was destroyed, only the outlying rukongai settlements survived the blast. No one died thankfully in that attack, but it was a warning of Renji's Superior power. It took 100,000 years to completely rebuild everything, but even now people are worried, what if he returns? The world continues to Revolve around that day, awaiting....the great war.

"To catch a criminal, you befriend them and act like their own."

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The History, Present and Future(Plot)
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