I warned you...I'd be back
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 「二」 Recruitment 「二」

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PostSubject: 「二」 Recruitment 「二」   「二」 Recruitment 「二」 EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 2:01 am

「二」 Recruitment 「二」
「二」 Recruitment 「二」 Second_Division


Active for at least 2 days on the Forum
20 Posts Minimum, Non-spam.
No-active warnings.

1. Name:(name you will be using to roleplay with, does not have to be username)

2. Do you know anyone in the Division? Did someone recommend you?

3. Why are you interested in joining the second division, and what does being a member of the second mean to you?:

4. What can you offer to the second division?:

5. What do you hope to gain from being in the second division?:

6. Are you interested in RP (Roleplaying) in the division? If so, do you have any RP experience?

7. What do you seek?

You may also submit something that you've made. This is completely optional, it would just show us a bit of how creative you can be. It could be anything from a poem or story, to a signature or an AMV. It could be anything you want and/or that you are good at.

Something to think about:
We do not want to see things like, "I want to be in the second because I like Yoruichi/Soifon" or "I'm cool, accept me." You must have valid reasons why you should be accepted into the second. The more detail in your application, the better off you'll be. Short applications will seem a bit lazy, and will make it look like you don't really care whether you're accepted or not, so please write your application like you mean it.

「二」 Recruitment 「二」 2nd_Division_Insignia-1
Insignia Signifies: Seek Nothing
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「二」 Recruitment 「二」
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