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 [九 9th Division] Officer Data sheets

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PostSubject: [九 9th Division] Officer Data sheets   [九 9th Division] Officer Data sheets EmptyTue Jul 19, 2011 2:44 pm

九 9th Division Character Profiles 九

[九 9th Division] Officer Data sheets 214px-9th_Division_Insignia

Members of the 9th division are to submit here their character profiles. In order to take part in RP events such as missions, spars or tournaments. You may use the following format for your character or any other you so choose to use, just make sure it contains enough information about your character to allow you to RP without any limitations and for people to understand your characters´ strengths and weaknesses.


Quote :
Basic Information:
Last Name: (Clan name or District name or just any last name for your character)
First Name: (Given name of your character)
Age: (Character’s physical age)
Appearance Age: (How old they look)
Rukongai/Noble: (Was your character born in Soul Society or did they die in the real world? Did they live in the Rukongai or Seireitei?)

Height: (in inches or centimetres)
Weight: (in lbs or kg)
Body Type: (Is your character well-built? Slim? Heavy-set? )
Hair Colour/Length:
Eye Colour:
Uniform: (Does your character wear a standard shihakushou? And does it have any additional features or alterations?)
Distinguishing features: (Any distinct scars? Tattoos?)
Other: (Any other details you want to mention)

(Has this been affected by how they were raised? Has this changed over the years as they’ve experienced more of life? How do they treat those around them and is this different towards their peers or their subordinates? Are they lazy? Hardworking? Do their treat being a shinigami as their calling in life or do they just see it as a job? Do they have any vices? Drinking? Theft? Etc… There are many possibilities so be as creative as you want!)

Pre-Shinigami Years:
(Was your character born in the real world? If so, what age did they live to? What did they do in life? How did they die? Then, which district were they reborn in and how did they manage there? How were they discovered or find their way to the Academy?)

(If your character was born in Soul Society, did they live in the Seireitei or Rukongai and how did they affect them? And same applies for how they found their way into the Academy.)

Academy Years:
(What classes did they excel in? Did they make many friends and did those friends last into the Gotei 13? Did they get into trouble or were they excellent students? Etc)

Gotei 13 Years:
(Which Division did they join and why? Were they chosen or did they make the choice? Did they rise through the ranks quickly and were there any events they performed in that made them stand out? Were they involved in any major battles or military actions? And have any other things occurred to them while they have been in the Gotei 13?)

(Just a brief overview of where your character is now)

Zanpakutou Name:
Type/Element: (Is it melee, ranged? Spiritual? Fire-based? Etc)

Fighting Style:
(Consider how you want to fight? Are you a fast and nimble fighter or stand your ground and use greater strength to overcome the enemy? Do you use hakuda, kidou, zanjutsu or hohou and to what degrees? Which do you excel at and why? Do you use tactics or fight directly?)
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PostSubject: [9th Division Captain] Kazuhiro Daichi    [九 9th Division] Officer Data sheets EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 10:42 pm

Basic Information:
Last Name: Kazuhiro
First Name: Daichi
Age: 900
Appearance age: 25
Rukongai/Noble: Born a pure soul raised within the very harsh districts Rukonagi has to offer.

Height: 6’8 (203cm)
Weight: 203lbs

[九 9th Division] Officer Data sheets Pbucket

Body Type: (having a very well built proportion physique to company his height. Looking much like a man that spends large chunks of his time training and perfecting his own style to a sheer flawless degree. Which in turn transform his body to showcase the many harsh punishments he puts himself through

Hair Color/Length: Having a naturally jet brownish black semi wavy hair that races down just passed his middle back area companied by a hair piece he wears over the top of his forehead so it doesn’t fall over into his face should he train or work himself over board in daily activities.

Eye color: Grey eyes and green iris would be the only serious rare feature that is quite noticeable of him from up close, but also having a sort shadowy overlay near his eyes give indication that his eyes are only very well noticed when facing him dead on as the shadowy cast seems to subside away.

Uniform: Wearing the standard shihakushou of black and white, the only real alterations would be his haori having a dark greenish color underneath it and overly large sleeves that go passed his hands as well hiding and concealing his actual motives should he have any in any situation and as the 9th division in sigma is position behind the coat to signify his status as the captain of squad nine. Wearing a pair of dark brown gloves and a armor plated over the upper part of his chest and back area giving him the extra chance to take severe blows should they make their towards those locations.

Distinguishing features: large scars can be seen should he remove his haori found mostly around his arms, chest, back, stomach and knuckles should he remove those features to reveal his history covered over varies parts of his body.

Other: carries within his coat his peace pipe should he stop and find places in which he can have himself a relaxing moment and convey thoughts from his passed that have lead him up to this point.

Calm cool and collected, he doesn’t show much emotions except for a smile here and there. Though he enjoys a good joke from time to time, but he’s an all around nice agreeable person when it comes to debates and small talk. A major aspect of his personality is he never loses his composure in battle, even in the most trying situations he doesn’t lose sight of what matters keeping a very stern and focused thought process throughout the entire task at hand. Kazuhiro’s greatest fault is he lacks the will to trust his peers because he feels nobody is capable of it unless they prove to him that it’s possible to have faith in them. Kazuhiro has a personal philosophy that any person can do anything if they commit themselves to the goal they desire, and that all people deserve a chance. Also his last bit of philosophy intels that no enemy deserves mercy if they are able to commit the crime then they are able to take welcome the punishment no questions asked.

Pre-Shinigami Years:

Kazuhiro was one of the few prodigies in his younger years, hailed as the proficient swordsman of his generation having an sheer will to rise above any and all obstacles. Born a pure soul, Kazuhiro was raised mostly on his own, having no recollection of why he had no family though it never stopped him from living nor let that hinder him from who he was. The towns’ folks of nearly every district which stems into the near hundreds as Rukongai has such a vast landscape of towns and small villages, Kazuhiro was always thrown into a confrontation which prompt him to fight for survival, maybe it was his attitude or the disgruntle angry villagers who tried to start nonsense with Kazuhiro wanted to get a good laugh and beat down out of him by picking on him every chance they got. Those that knew of his potential never once tried to persuade him to seek out the Academy as they always enjoyed watching Kazuhiro fight, it was his calm approach as he never once made a single solitary emotion with his, standing like a frozen statue prior to the starting of the brawl and even after it was said and done.

Moving from district to district laying waste to those that picked on him, Kazuhiro never once knew of the shinigami or how to go about being issued to train as one. That wasn’t until he arrived in the 96th district known for their more exceptionally wealthy appearances and town’s folks all dressed with class. But it wasn’t this that attracted Kazuhiro to be noted by anyone even though he stood out like a sore thumb, but it was a brawl that insinuated with a certain pack of thieves that caused a lot of problems with majority folks that resided within that community. A group of five thieves provoked Kazuhiro and tried to start a fight which they could not finish because of how stone cold his attitude was he nearly killed every last one of them leaving them hanging by an edge of their life to remember to never judge a person by their appearance.

On that faithful day a shinigami patrol officer seen and reported back to his headquarters that they’ve found another prodigy that could be quite useful if permitted to enter the Shinōreijutsuin (Spiritual Arts Academy). Approaching Kazuhiro one day as he was on his way out of the 96th district towards the next location by three patrol officers wish to speak with him about a chance to be offered to come into the Academy and harness the potential so many others seem to notice within him. Taking this chance to find out more about himself and more about these officers and their activities.

Academy Years/Gotei 13 years and Current:
Arriving into the Academy by special orders and placed in one such class that held with producing severally gifted students because of their potential to learn things normal students simply had trouble with understanding. Kazuhiro personality never once displayed anything different from prior to entering the Academy. Knowing only what he did by sheer reflexes and his keen aspect to pay close attention to how everything was displayed to the class. Doing this allowed instructors and other gifted prodigies to see something more within Kazuhiro, it was his iron will that was something that wasn’t given or taught, those that were born with this natural affinity to overcome all possibilities made headway across the entire Academy and reach all the way towards the actual Head Commanders ears.

Wishing to see for himself exactly what is being talked about from those that keep spreading the mass rumors of a prodigy learning all he’s taught one time around and then showcasing it not with an understanding of it but with a mastery level knowledge output. It was as if his brain was hardwired to learn things at an accelerated rate. Instructors felt more at ease to provoke the man because of his skills to break through the class as if they were child’s play when on field exercise that were given each week to test the student’s overall knowledge of everything that was taught to them up to that exam day.

On the day of his final exam, reaching his second year the entire academy attended to greet those that were showing more than what was asked of them, Instructors and students still locked within the academy viewed those that were about to graduate as very skilled and strong future officers of the gotei thirteen should they be accepted in.

Handing out their ceremonially degrees and congratulations for completing the Academy in under 2years, each and every instructor tells a bit about the students they’ve had the chance to work with, but when they came to Kazuhiro the entire audience went quiet as if they wished to hear him say anything as he was known never to actually speak at all, never did he once say a single word. The Captain Commander came down personally to acknowledge and offer his advice towards those that finished the academy and even accepted them into the gotei thirteen as his subordinates underneath him took everyone as seated officer spreading them amongst the divisions that actually were open. Speaking towards Kazuhiro he offered not a seat within any of his underling’s squads nor his, but instead offered him the chance of being the newly appointed Captain of squad 9.

A stand of ovation arose as that is something that has never once happened before, accepting the offer Kazuhiro simply smiles towards the Commander as he nods in agreement with taking the position, though he was given a small test to prove his worth within one year time to see if he has all the qualifications as a captain.

Fighting Style:
Kazuhiro is a very versatile fighter, ranging from having great skill and knowledge in zanjutsu as he’s always pushing and training to learn new moves and refine his current style to a proficient flawless degree as he believes a fighter is only as good as the amount of training and time he puts into himself on end, using both his Hohou and zanjutsu accompanied with his raw physical might makes him a force to be reckon with.

Powers and Abilities:
Immense Spiritual pressure: He is capable of exerting a vast Spiritual Pressure, which, in league with his already amazing combat skills and finesse, makes him one of the most formidable fighters. His spiritual pressure is so great it can be felt from a great distance and it has the tendency to make people perspire in fear.

Master Swordsman: Kazuhiro is masterful at swordsmanship, capable of flawless precision and lethal attacks without much effort. Flash Step: one of the most frightening things about Kazuhiro is his speed, his prowess in step method is almost unrivaled. He can easily catch up and or outrun even the most skilled shunpo users. He is able to easily overtake extremely skilled shinigami and arriving at their destination first without even being noticed by the other.

Master of Hand to Hand: Kazuhiro is a highly dangerous combatant even without his Zanpakutō. He can take multiple opponents unarmed and be fine on his own

While Kazuhiro boasts such great skill and power, he still has a slight weakness in spite of his great power this is kidou. Kazuhiro is not the greatest kidou master as there is a lot he must learn still, using a full incantation even at a captain level is quite frightening, his overall control is limited because of will to want to learn it any more than what he already feels is comfortable at.

Zanpakutou Name: Abedabun (Dawn; Sight of day)
Type/Element: Earth based

In its’ sealed form it resembles the makings of a katana with a handle of a bamboo appearance to it, as the sheathe is the other half of that appearance thus when its sheathe looks like a simple bamboo stick found in the forests of Cambodia. The durability of the blade is able to withstand large portions of damage before any slight indentation show forth on its own appearance.

The release of his shikai is triggered by the phrase “Awake Within.” When released in Shikai form, Kazuhiro’s blade transforms into long bone and rock material axe that stands roughly 5’5 and can extend down into a standard size sword length if needed be. Covered in such dense material makes it durable to withstand enormous amounts of damage.

Shikai Special Abilities:
When released in shikai, Abedabun has a very direct line attacks. All of them revolves around either Earth and bone generated mass from the ground below. Having a telepathic link with the zanapkuto ignites which allow Kazuhiro not to have physical contact with his shikai as it can be held either by any hand or his own mind set.

DOBA (No War)
Three large fangs which reside on the zanpakuto’s shikai release form disappear and reappear upon the left side of Kazuhiro into huge bone and earth material made darts which appear in the shape of an old voodoo medicine man’s cane. Throwing these darts generate an explosion which is equaled to that caused by volcanic eruptions.

Passive Trait:
The capacity of this move is only generate by the x amount of reiastu to fuel each dart thrown and reformed.

Defensive side of Zanpakuto’s shikai

El Toro que se Sienta (Sitting Bull)
Upon calling forth the activation, Kazuhiro’s zanpakuto wraps around him, as large stones and bone form, fusing into his every being as it transforms into a case of armor that allows even the most severe damage to be halted and withstood. Being the only real Defensive side once activated it also hinders his movements down to a moderate speed. Thus adding even more power to his hands and feet which would give him twice the amount of force use when in combat.

BAnkai: CHA'KWAINA NAHIMANA (Return To War) Under Construction
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[九 9th Division] Officer Data sheets
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