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 11th Division Character Profile

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PostSubject: 11th Division Character Profile   11th Division Character Profile EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 11:11 pm

Character Profiles
This is where character profile for the 11th Division will go


(both how old you look and how old your character is)

Appearance: [2 paragraphs]

Personality: [2 paragraphs]

Blood Type:

Body Type:

(reason for joining the Gotei 13)

Fighting aggression:

Specialisation: (Hakuda, Zanjutsu, Kidou)

(you may anything extra you wish as long as it remain relevant)

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PostSubject: Re: 11th Division Character Profile   11th Division Character Profile EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 10:00 pm

Name:Akuma (no last name)

Age:looks to be about 18 is 250

Appearance: Akuma stands at about 5:10
He enjoys wearing black jackets specifically designed for ease of movement
This is matched with black pants to finish his suit of black which is his usual battle uniform
For meetings and the such he wears the usual captain uniform otherwise he wears his battle uniform
This only serves to make his eye color even more prominent as they are pure black
He has long straight black hair which he wears straight down his back down his back
He was born with a birth mark in the shape of a pentagram on his right hand

11th Division Character Profile 129256926258153300
11th Division Character Profile 174-304-large
11th Division Character Profile Tattoo66611th Division Character Profile Blacksclera

Personality:He is usually calm cool and collected even in the midst of battle
He is immesely polite especially with women and equals
The only superiors he recognizes are those who are stronger or who can beat him on the field of battle otherwise they are considered equals
He is considered cold as he hates physical contact stemming from his childhood as a human as he was born with a pentagram birth mark he was called a demon and shunned
He lives to fight as this was all he knew growing up hatred and fighting
When he loses his temper he loses control and won't stop till he is killed or knocked out

Blood Type: AB

Body Type: Slim but well built

Resolve:Akuma lives to fight and one day he picked a fight with a 11th Division member
He was easily defeated and vowed to grow stronger than any shinigami ever known

Fighting aggression:He draw his opponent in and continues to attack no matter what making it extremely difficult to block or counterattack

Specialisation:Hohou, Zanjutsu

Born in the human world he was shunned from birth and hated by most everyone as he was born with a birth mark on his right hand in the shape of a pentagram
A birth defect caused his eyes to be pure black
He was given the name Angel by his mother who died during chlidbirth
His father though he cared for his child could not get over the loss of his wife and though he raised the child he could never teach him to be human as that part of him had died with his wife
So he grew up being shunned and called a demon for his birth mark and eyes
This and the fact he loved fighting cause no end of trouble and in the end he grew up knowing only hatred and fighting
The day he turned 18 his father passed away unable to hold on any longer
Angel unable to shed even a single tear packed his stuff and left the same day
That night trying to find a place to sleep he ran into a gang of guys who decided they'd try and mug him
Angel procceded to beat into a bloody pulp 2 of them the 3rd scared as he walked into the lights and he could see his eyes pulled out a gun and shot him to death

The Rokunga:
When he reached the rokunga even here we was immediately avoided
Deciding he shed his old name and took the name Akuma as that was what he was considered
His only friend another soul from the human world was called Arashi as he was the only person who didnt avoid him they became best friends quickly
Akuma and Arashi cause all sort of mayhem over the rokunga together
In the rokunga he continued to fight making a way of life out of it fighting for money
One day he was offered the most money in a while which would leave him living comfortably for months so he happily took the challenge having been fighting weaklings so far he had not lost once
The challenger though was a 11th Divsion member who easily beat him
Akuma dragging himself home in shame as he had never lost a fight before He then vowed to become a shinigami and become stronger than any known before
His best friend Arashi suggested they join the academy after the fight
Akuma considering it and knowing it was his best chance for revenge accepted and they both went on to apply to the academy

The Academy:
Akuma was accepted into the academy where he still had no friends as he was still considered suspicious for his looks
His only friend was still Arashi as he had been accepted alongside him and they trained often pushing each other past their limits
In the academy he excelled at hohou and zanjutsu
he was advanced at hakuda as he had practiced this throught his life and was below average at kidou only managing to suppress his reatsu succesfully and use the lower levels of kidou
he was above average in most other things and passed the academy tests with more ease than most

The Gotei 13:
His love of fighting quickly got him accepted into the 11th Division
This was where he and his only and best friend Arashi seperated as they sought out different Divisions
When he was accepted he wasted no time to seek out and defeat the member who had embaressed him before
As time went along and he grew stronger he was frustrated as he could not rise through the ranks as he was constantly demoted for being unable to follow orders
Angry at this he set out to train by himself having secured special permission from his Captain

Hueco Mundo:As he grew stronger one day he heard a voice in his head it was his Zanpoktou offering him more poweer
Fighting along with his spirit he decided to one day track a hollow to it's home following it through a garganta he killed it and found himself in Hueco Mundo
Fighting alongside his Zanpoktou for a year he trained and gained shikai quite easily
One day deciding he need more power he forcefully materealized his spirit and demanded it give him more power
Ookami his Zanpoktou agreed as long as he could beat him in a battle of speed so Akuma darted aiming to catch but Ookami was fater and got away for hours he followed never able to quite catch up but never being left behind
Then something unforseeable happened he ran into an enemy he could not defeat at his current lvl
It was an adjucha on the verge of becoming an espada it deciding Akuma would be his last meal to gain the power it needed attacked
As he was about to die his Zanpoktou offered to make him a deal
As Ookami did not want to see his master pass away he offered to become one with him and lend him all of his power for a while
Akuma suspicious even on the edge of death asked what the catch was
Ookami replied that if he did this he would never be able to surpass Shikai his Bankai would be forever sealed
Akuma deciding that he would not die here accepted and tapped into his Zanpoktous power allowing him to defeat his enemy
When he was done he roared with anger at the fact he would never be able to become the strongest Shinigami ever known as he wept for what this battle had cost him Ookami spoke once more
Telling Akuma that although he would never be able to reach Bankai he might still have one option left
Ookami told him how the opponent he had fought was a collection of Hollows melded into one being with one taking command of all their collective power
He suggested to Akuma they could try melding both Akumas soul and his own spirit into one being like before but this time forever
Akuma seeking more power accepted
The attempt nearly destroyed them both
When they were done his speed when he released part of the power allowed him to master shunpo to a lvl not seen before
He then resealed his sword and Ookami spoke to him that now they were one
He also explained that he could release part of the power without any commands but he would still not access it's full potential but if ever the time came when he needed to tap the full power he had gained to release his Shikai
Deciding that it was time Akuma after a grueling ten years of constant fighting returned to soul society once again following a hollow through a portal before killing it

THe Return to Gotei 13:Upon returning he sought out his old Captain to inform him he had returned from his training
He then challenged him to a fight
Releasing part of his power he was able to reach a speed matching his Captain
Realizing that this would not be enough and he would be killed if he didn't do it he released his shikai accessing his full power
Still even with the power he had gained while in Hueco Mundo it was a close battle
After a grueling battle which left him with many new scars he killed his Captain
That same night the old Captain Commander passed away and when the new one took office he was sent a message that as was the precedent as he had defeated the former Captain he was now the 11th Division Captain
This is where Akuma currently remains as the 11th Division Captain

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11th Division Character Profile
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